Sunday afternoon with Eric Adzima + the m.r.s


Sunday Afternoon at L-7
Presenting The mighty rhythm section (m.r.s.) + Mr Eric Adzima
From Left to right: Mike Vullo, Eric Adzima and Chris DeAngelis

History repeats itself. History teacher Eric Adzima is off for the summer and back in the studio with his newest pop project. Last year’s rousing project turned out  excellent and this project promises to have the same results.

We spent a Sunday afternoon doing what we love best- laying down tracks. Stellar rhythms brought courtesy of Chris DeAngelis on bass and Mike Vullo on drums and Eric singing some scratch vocals. (We’re all in sync: All men fashionably attired in their coordinating Converse + Though you can’t see me, I am also attired in Converse.)

Sunday June 22, 2014 and the session unfolds:IMG_0976

Eric Adzima (in gray converse) laying down some scratch vocals:IMG_0977

Chris DeAngelis (in green converse) part of the mighty rhythm section:IMG_0975

Mike Vullo laying down some mighty rhythms (though not seen in photo- fashionable attired in black converse with striking red laces)IMG_0978

Eric Adzima (still in gray converse) and still laying down scratch vocals:



All the guys hard at work.


Chris laying down stellar rhythms despite his uhm. .. short-comings.
(Still fashionable dressed in converse)

Sounding groovy



Ross Reuning continues. . . . .

IMG_0941 The RossIMG_0942The Ross up-close

IMG_0940 The mic

IMG_0939The mic up-close

Recording is a process + it takes time. You start out with a blank canvas.  Then you put down tracks, sing, edit + mix. Good equipment, good musicians + good tunes sure help.
I have to say my tube mic  sure sounds smooth + groovy. And Ross Reuning singing some original songs on his project is sounding pretty groovy, too. ‘Yo Ross. Good work!’

A pictorial: The Ross Reuning Project


IMG_0929In the studio with  creative songwriter Ross Reuning and the cast of esteemed studio musicians: Mike Vullo, Dave Cook + Del Mize. Rocking, rolling, arranging + enhancing. All in a days work. I’m pleased + most importantly Ross is pleased.

And now less chatter + more photos.

Vullo ‘a drummingIMG_0926

Dave ‘a bassingIMG_0930

Del ‘a strummingIMG_0933

Ross ‘a singingIMG_0931

More beatsIMG_0927

More groovesIMG_0935

From the control tower, I mean control room

Good vibesIMG_0932

Vullo drumming away

About last night. . .


The Rosey Robbins Project is moving along briskly. Sounding really good. We should be able to wrap up the three songs next week. Of course, Rosey is talking more. I guess she’s pleased.
Here are a few photos from last night . . . featuring Dave Cook + Mike Vullo  (they rock) + Rosey Robbins (she rootsy rocks) .

(I don’t do ‘selfies’)


An original: Dave Cook on guitar

Rosey RobbinsIMG_0916

The one + only Mike Vullo on iphone


Muy pleased

Rosey Robbins: The Session



John Tovar has discovered and managed many legendary acts over the years. How could you ever forget Marilyn Manson? I think they were called the ‘Spooky Kids’ at the time. They walked around with vintage lunch boxes. . .the contents I did not want to know. But they did go on to acclaim though I wonder what Marilyn is up to these days. . and he managed The Mavericks, Nuclear Valdez and many many more. So over the weekend he came with Roland Alvarez (a renowned A+ M L.A. Studio Engineer) and his newest discovery: Rosey Robbins, a songstress known for  Latin Dance music but now emerging with her new music love – Rootsy Rock . She has three songs she wants to record and we set up a plan to get the songs done quickly and to get the sound she is after. And quickly they are moving along with the nimblest of studio musicians: Mike Vullo and Dave Cook. (And me at the helm) These guys can play anything and play it well. Real pros. So we have the rhythm tracks going and last night we added guitars. Hopefully we will wrap up this project next week. Here are some photos from last night’s session.


Dave + Mike on bass and guitar respectively. Between the two of them they played everything: bass, guitar and drums. I will be adding my final touches instrumentally and  of course- mixing.IMG_0912

Rosey RobbinsIMG_0911

Dave Cook


Stewart Rabin (Rosey’s other half) who played piano on all the tracks



Looking pleased!

L-7 Headline News



prettyLadyIt’s Monday again. . .

Busy doesn’t describe the weekend and this coming week at L-7.

First up: ROSS REUNING. A fab new pop rock project has begun with the assistance of
guitar virtuoso ➣ Del Mize; all around super star musician: Mike Vullo ➣ this time on drums and Dave Cook ➣ one of the best steady rhythm bass players. With this line up and Ross’s catchy tunes, the project is certain to be amazing. I’ll keep you updated on the project and promise to have some photos at the next session.

Yesterday found me in the studio with Bill Watkins. Bill is a songwriter and guitar player with an interesting resume. Years ago he toured with Bob Seger and is a published songwriter with a catalog of songs. We’ve teamed up to work on some original demos (hit songs)  which we will be pitching to Sony Interscope Records. ‘Yes, we are writing a hit song. (you have to think positive) I mean, isn’t everyone writing a hit song?’